How to Make the Best Homemade Cat Deterrent for Your Garden

Cats are favorite pets in your home and are often welcome to your garden. Since they are incorrigible roamers, this can cause a headache for gardeners. Cat feces also contain pathogens and parasites that are not good for herbivorous manure. You can make a homemade cat repellent or use conventional means of doing away with the cat.

How to make homemade cat repellent

Whether you love cats or not, cats can mess around your garden. To avoid it, you can make a natural repellent at home. Here is what you need to know about homemade cat repellent.


Essential oil cat repellent: you will need water, two drops of lemon, wild orange, and lavender essential oils.
Vinegar cat repellent: you will require one part of water, vinegar, and liquid hand soap.
Citrus cat repellent: you require lemon scent dish soap, 10 ml of lemon juice, two cups of water and one cup lemon, orange, tangerine or lime peels.
A third a cup of water and 20 drops of citronella oil
Other ingredients: one crushed garlic clove, a teaspoon of cinnamon, dry mustard and black pepper and three drops of lemon essential oil.

Method 1 using essential oil repellent

  • Add two drops of wild orange, lemon, and lavender essential oil into a bottle into a [amazon link=”B06Y3748CS” title=”Kuishi clear glass bottle”].
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  • Fill the glass bottle with tap water and shake well to ensure the ingredients blend well.
  • Spray the mixture in your garden. The combination has a strong scent that will keep cats away.

Method 2 using vinegar repellent

  • Add one part of vinegar and pure water into a clear bottle.
  • Add one part of liquid soap into the bottle and shake well to ensure the mixture is well combined.
  • Spray the mixture into target areas within your garden. The repellent works both for outdoor and indoor plants.

Method 3 using citrus repellent

  • Add two cups of water into a pot and boil it over medium heat.
  • Once the water boils, add a cup of orange, lemon, tangerine or lime peels to the pot.
  • Lower the heat and let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Add two teaspoons of lemon juice and scented dish soap and mix the ingredients.
  • Spray the combination to affected areas of your farm.

Method 4 using citronella repellent

  • Find an [amazon link=”B071YPN12Z” title=”Amber glass spray bottle”] and fill it with tap water.
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  • Add 20 drops of citronella oil to the bottle.
  • Shake well to mix.
  • Spray the mixture in both outdoor and indoor plants.

Method 5 using garlic, pepper and lemon repellent

  • Find 2 ounces of a glass spray bottle.
  • Add a cup of black pepper, dry mustard, and cinnamon. You can use cayenne pepper instead of black pepper.
  • Squeeze 3 drops of lemon oil and garlic in the bottle
  • Fill the bottle with water and mix it appropriately
  • Apply the mixture to your outdoor garden

Other ways of repelling cats from your garden

You can discourage cats from your farm using the following tactics:

  1. Distractions
  2. Cats are problematic more so if they are not your own. Creating a distraction such as planting catnip far from your vegetables and flowers will work magic. The cat will spend more time with the plant since they love it.

  3. Electric fence
  4. Fence your garden with [amazon link=”B07WFYHYQV” title=”ShockRite electrical fence tape”] to eliminate the number of cats that visit your garden since they will get shocked and run away. You should also be careful when handling your produce to avoid electrification.

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  5. Use coffee grounds and milk bottles
  6. Sprinkle coffee grounds around plants and use a mesh to stop birds and cats from digging seeds out. When seedlings reach the top of the milk bottles, pull them out to allow them to thrive.

  7. Netting
  8. Protecting your garden with nets will help you solve many problems. Fence your yard with a net from all sides and ensure there is no opening; this will prevent chicken and cats from getting into the garden. Netting will create a conducive environment for the growth of your vegetables.

  9. Using cat repellent
  10. Using cat repellent is a good option for wild cats that come to your farm to feed on your plants or spoil the plants. Cat repellent such as [amazon link=”B07S1SS4WF” title=”OCOOPA ultrasound repellent”] will deter cats from your farm. The repellent might smell bad to humans, and some are poisonous, so you are advised to use gloves and wash your hands after use. The good thing is that the repellent is not harmful to animals.

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  11. Sprinkle the garden with pepper
  12. This is an effective method used to deter cats from your garden. Buy white paper and put it into a sprinkle bottle and sprinkle it to vulnerable seedlings. It will keep cats away, and it doesn’t harm plants plus you can re-apply it easily.

  13. Planting geraniums
  14. Geranium is the right choice of natural cat repellent; at the same time, it adds color to your garden. The cat finds their odour unpleasant. The plants work well outdoor but can be kept indoor during colder months. If given enough care, they will continue to blossom, thus helping you do away with cats from your farm.

  15. Using rosemary
  16. Rosemary is a perennial plant that originates from the Mediterranean. The plant helps repel cats from your garden while making use of it at home. The plant works well in a dry and relatively warm climate with compost soils of pH of 7. You can grow the plant in containers. The plant is used the plant for cooking different delicacies.

  17. Citronella tea bags
  18. Also known as the mosquito plant due to its ability to keep away mosquitos, citronella also helps repel cats. The plant emits a pleasant citrus-like scent that cats don’t like. The plant works for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also use citronella tea bags and disperse them in your garden.


There are many cat repellent ways that you can employ at home. If you try different means, you will succeed in making your garden cat free. You need to find the best for you.

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