9 Easy Ways of Getting Rid of Slugs in the House

What do you feel when you come across slugs in your house? Probably it drives you crazy. They leave trails everywhere; across the floor, carpets, cabinets, and even the walls. If you happen to step on it, it stinks and sticks like glue. Your kids might also get frightened of them.

How Do Slugs Get in the House?

There are a lot of ways slug can get into your house than you think. Slugs are known to breed and thrive in darkness, dampness and smooth surfaces making your home a haven for them.

Most houses always seem dark, and the presence of moisture always attracts them inside. People also like having some flowers and plants inside the house to make it look beautiful; this creates a soft spot for them. Since slug moves faster than most people imagine, you can find them in your hallways, basement, kitchens and even living rooms.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Slug often come out at night; thus you are encouraged to try out any options of repelling them during nightfall.
  • Know the appropriate time of the year when you can deal with slugs much efficiently. The best time is during winter since, during this period, slugs tend to disappear. If it is time to cut some grass, make sure it is rough and unappealing so that slug can find it difficult to move.
  • If you keep any flower pots inside or around your house, then know slugs like hiding underneath them. Slugs also feed on plants and weeds, thus making them appropriate areas for them. They can also hide under anything that seats on the ground, including your outdoor furniture. A quick check will determine their availability making it easy for you to get rid of them.
  • If you have leafy plants, slim surfaces and moss around the house, know that slug can get into vents through them. Slugs can also get into the house through old doors and windows.
  • You can also find slugs in old items in the backyard, such as washing machines, unusable buckets, and even in your garage.

Here are ways for slug repellent for the house through:

1. Use Copper

The best way to prevent slug from getting into your home is to stop them. Copper is a long-lasting solution, and it has been proven to work. Here is how to use copper tape for slug repellent:

  • Get yourself a roll of copper adhesive tape and shears.
  • Cut a piece of copper tape long enough to fit the area you want to wrap.
  • Carefully wrap it around the area where slug is common; this might be around a flower pot or a chair.

For areas on the ground, you can buy copper rings. You can place them appropriately, like around crowns. Copper gives slugs a shock making them unable to cross over, making it an effective slug repellent.

2. Sealing Cracks

For large gaps within your house, you can seal them using polyurethane foam cream. The material expands, thus filling up all openings. It is durable, waterproof, and creates a barrier for pests. Pay attention to areas around pipes, joints, and door spaces since they make up most openings in the house.

You should wear gloves when sealing cracks since the foam sticks on nearly everything. Once you have filled the expanding foam to the gaps, let it harden then trim off the excess with a serrated knife. You can use plaster or paint over it.

3. Use Slug Killer Granules

The quickest way to get rid of a slug is by killing it. This makes slug disappear and stop breeding. Slug killer granules are useful since they can kill slug immediately, they start reproducing and thus reducing their population throughout the year.

4. Slug Bait

Another effective way to kill slug and get rid of it from your house. Since most slug repellents are harmful to children, you are advised to use iron phosphate, a compound that is not harmful to anything except slug. Once they eat iron phosphate, it will stop them from feeding, making them die after a few days. Make sure to buy iron phosphate bail that is safe for pet and wildlife to avoid the danger of killing your pets.

5. Salt

Unlike other materials that might be hard to find, salt is a cheaply available means of killing slug and snails from your house. A considerable amount of salt will not only kill slug but also prevent them from coming into your home. Salt can even kill plants, so its recommended in clear environments.

6. Ducks

Ducks are known to eat slug, and they will seek their tasty morsels. Ducks are also cute to have around except that they might eat your garden vegetables and hover over to the pool; thus, you will need to keep the ducks out of the pool.

7. Seaweed

If you happen to live near the sea, seaweed is a perfect mulch. Pile the plant around areas where slug is common; the seaweed will dry and compose down. It is an effective mechanism for those near the sea, and it can work wonders.

8. False Shelter

A false shelter is an effective way of fooling slug. Since slug likes hiding in dark places, you can create a fake shade and expect to find them later. Check now and then so that you can remove and kill them. It will reduce their numbers rapidly, although it can’t eradicate them.

9. Beer

Slugs are attracted to beer. Take a small container and fill it with beer. Set it on the ground. The slugs will get excited by the beer and go for it, they will eventually fall in and drown. The beer trap will attract all slug near the beer; thus, you will need a few more beer traps for it to be effective in broad areas.


Slugs can bother you more so when you don’t know what to do. You need to utilize the above slug repellent mechanisms to ensure your house is free of slug. Ensure you eliminate their breeding points too.

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